Lime Chicken

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Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Cooking Time: 40 minutes
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Preparation Method

  • Marinate chicken with salt for about ten minutes.
  • Dry roast cumin seed, coriander seed and pound it.
  • Chop onions and garlic finely.
  • Heat a pan with Idhayam Sesame Oil, when it becomnes hot, drop five to six pieces of chicken at a time and deep fry all the pieces.
  • Heat another pan with three tablespoon of Idhayam Sesame Oil, saute onion and garlic till translucent.
  • Add the pound spices, chilli powder, pepper powder and stir well.
  • To this add the deep fried chicken pieces, simmer to a low flame and fry.
  • Add soy sauce, lemon juice, coriander leaves and fry.
  • Remove from fire and serve.
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